“Packaging” Public Speakers

Motivational Speakers, Life Skills Coaches, Professional Seminar Speakers, and all entrepreneurs who delivery their message live – can enhance their business, professional image and credibility by being properly “packaged.”

What is “packaging?” It is taking the intellectual property (IP) of an individual and presenting it in an engaging, memorable, repeatable and exciting physical package – creating a brand and consistent message to the public world. This not only covers the actual content, or IP, it is also includes various mediums of delivery (print, web, social media, audio, video).

Motivated Publishing Studios originally started it’s business by helping public speakers publish their first book, by taking their speaking content and creating a valuable manuscript for a book. The essentially becomes the speaker’s calling card – giving them credibility beyond just the speaking realm. MPS’s work started with the publishing of the speaker’s first book and in most cases led to the creation of audio CDs and videos (DVD, HD-DVD, now BlueRay too) – giving the speaker materials that they could sell to their audiences. By having these materials available, also for sale on their own websites, they served as marketing pieces to help spread the word of the speaker’s message.

If you are a speaker, coach or similar – contact us to learn how we can help you “package” your message and help you increase your business and profits.

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Marketing Systems

Motivated Publishing Studios are experts in the marketing arena.  If your business is looking to develop a marketing plan or implement a new marketing strategy, such as a Direct Sales or MLM model, we have the experience and first-hand expertise to help you.

With our extensive 25+ years in the sales and marketing arena, MPS has the resources to help organizations develop and implement a solid marketing plan. Regardless of your business’s market, our knowledge of technology and tactics has been proven across a wide range of industries.

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We provide the capabilities to help a start-up company implement these strategies or if you are an established organization and are looking for a tune-up or intellectual capital to enhance your business model – then contact us today.

We have specific expertise in the areas of:

  • marketing systems
  • sales and marketing planning
  • paths to market, conventional vs. Direct sales plan
  • compliance
  • compensation plans
  • growth contingencies
  • distribution/distributor business plans
  • incentive plans
  • marketing collateral and publications
  • policy and procedure development
  • mlm and direct sales structure design and comparatives
  • branding

Process Mapping

Businesses survive, prosper and grow based upon their ability to provide value to their customers.  Your unique process, and fully understanding its value, is the intellectual property that you need to continually replicate, perfect and refine – to remain competitive and valuable!

Process Mapping is the engineering road-map of your unique process.  The purposes and benefits of engaging us for the development of your process map are:

  • protect your intellectual property (IP).
  • record your unique process in an easy-to-understand format.
  • highlight opportunities for process improvements and optimization.

The Process Map records all aspects of your business model – both what your customers see and what only happens behind the doors of your organization (front-facing process and back-facing process).  You will clearly see how your clients navigate through your unique process and where your process engages the value-added features of your operation.

Why Process Mapping?

Process Mapping

There are many advantages and benefits. Here is a sample of what our clients have realized:

  • process recorded for purposes of copyright or patent protection.
  • process duplication for franchising or licensing efforts.
  • easy training and duplication during business expansion process.
  • training new recruits effectively.
  • entrepreneurs shedding responsibilities to others.
  • performance and business auditing.
  • consistency in the execution of business.
  • provides materials for use with clients (credibility).

Whether you are simply looking to document your process, expanding operations or looking for the foundation for improvements (read:  improve profits), then connect with us today to see exactly how Process Mapping is a key starting point.

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