Self-Publishing vs. Conventional Publishing

Gone are the days where self-publishing is thought of as the last resort. With today’s technology and the adoption of eBooks, self-publishing is a viable option that can often be advantageous for most authors. Sure, conventional publishing certainly has it’s place – particularly for authors that are well established and where public acceptance is large. However, for first-time authors or authors that have not have considerable commercial success – self-publishing may be the perfect solution.

Self-publishing itself has a variety of considerations. How complete is your manuscript? Have you written a book before? Do you need assistance with only a portion of your book or everything from interior design to cover creation?

To help you better understand the differences in publishing, Highspot Inc. has produced a resource guide called An Author’s Guide to Publishing Options, which has the best summary I’ve seen to help author’s understand publishing (you can find their guide at: