From Author To Entrepreneur: How to turn your knowledge into multimedia products

From Author To Entrepreneur: How to turn your knowledge into multimedia products

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“Packaging” Public Speakers

Motivational Speakers, Life Skills Coaches, Professional Seminar Speakers, and all entrepreneurs who delivery their message live – can enhance their business, professional image and credibility by being properly “packaged.”

What is “packaging?” It is taking the intellectual property (IP) of an individual and presenting it in an engaging, memorable, repeatable and exciting physical package – creating a brand and consistent message to the public world. This not only covers the actual content, or IP, it is also includes various mediums of delivery (print, web, social media, audio, video).

Motivated Publishing Studios originally started it’s business by helping public speakers publish their first book, by taking their speaking content and creating a valuable manuscript for a book. The essentially becomes the speaker’s calling card – giving them credibility beyond just the speaking realm. MPS’s work started with the publishing of the speaker’s first book and in most cases led to the creation of audio CDs and videos (DVD, HD-DVD, now BlueRay too) – giving the speaker materials that they could sell to their audiences. By having these materials available, also for sale on their own websites, they served as marketing pieces to help spread the word of the speaker’s message.

If you are a speaker, coach or similar – contact us to learn how we can help you “package” your message and help you increase your business and profits.

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