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Marketing Your Book

Strategy for using today’s modern tools…

Many author’s today ask the daunting question “So, how do I market my new book?”  But, before a good quality answer can be given, there are many situations, intent and answers to questions that need to be considered…

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Marketing a book should never be a “last thought” or “something to worry about after the book, or eBook, is printed/created.”  Planning is a key element to success with marketing a book – and planning should start early in the book creation phase (usually as soon as the manuscript is ready for the editing phase).  This is key because good marketing should be tightly coupled to the book content (assuming non-fiction here…), more on that later.

The focus of a sound marketing strategy should also involve the use of modern tools that are readily available today.  This will make your efforts current, simple to implement, maintainable and readily acceptable to the general public and targeted markets.  However, before we dive into the process of developing your marketing strategy let’s get to the insight needed before a quality solution can be presented.

6 Key Questions

1. How elaborate of marketing are you looking for?

Are you looking for the use of public media (TV, radio, internet radio, video…).  Knowing your vision and what the future of your book looks like, are key factors in implementing a sound marketing strategy.

2. What is your budget?

As I’ve often heard in advertising, “know your limit and stay within it.”  Be realistic and honest with your budget.  Your strategy must match your resources.  There is no need to produce a Cadillac when a Camry will do just fine.  Your budget will also define what professional services will or will not be available to you.

3. Technical capabilities of author or do you need help?

If you have the ability to add content and manage a blog and Social Media accounts (ex. G+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), then you can personally maintain your marketing platform. If not, then engage MPS for the resources to set this up, create content and get some simple instruction to be able to be competent with this simple technology. It will be very important to have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan implemented, so that your book and you can be “found” on the Internet!

4. Does the author’s core business facilitate sales?

Does your core business sell your book, as a value-added item, or is it more of a give-away?  Do you have infrastructure and resources to take book orders?  Is your webmaster resident at your place of business? This will determine if your focus will be to control your marketing, sales and distribution (preferred) or if you need to outsource it.

5. Does the author have infrastructure to fulfill orders?

Do you have infrastructure to fulfill orders, or do you need to outsource this physical work?  Remember, customer service is king…

6. Do you do speaking engagements?

If you are a public speaker as well, then you marketing plan needs to include your strategy for event sales (customization, pre-sales, back-of-room sales, after-event sales).  Do you have other collateral?

Your Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan for new bookThe plan starts with knowing what basic tools to use for your marketing strategy.  Based upon the answers to the above key questions, most authors should desire to control their marketing plan and ultimately their sales. That being said, depending upon the answers, it may make sense for some authors to use third party resources if they do not have resources themselves. Or, utilize the services offered by MPS to get your marketing plan in place and learn how to take on the task of continuing with the plan.

The basics of an effective marketing plan for your new book, include:

  1. Website:  this should ideally be a website dedicated to your book or publishing company.  Technically, this site should utilize a modern CMS (Content Management System) so that it can easily integrate with a blog, Social Media, and mobile platforms.  A good strategy is also to provide offers or “hooks” inside your book, which lead the reader to custom landing pages on your site (value-added offers and information).
  2. SEO:  it is vital to deploy an effective SEO plan so that all of your marketing efforts, your book, and you – can be found on the world-wide-web.
  3. Blog:  is an absolute must and needs to provide value on a regular basis to your subscribers.  This is how you create “community” and connect with your potential customers.
  4. Social Media:  is how you connect on all of the most utilized platforms, to the largest possible audience.  This keeps you message available to the mobile community and allows for viral marketing to work effectively.
  5. eBook:  is more popular than ever and is not a huge investment. Having your book available in the most popular eBook formats keeps your product available to the ever-increasing digital consumer.
  6. Amazon:  is the most popular and widely used e-commerce site for book sales.  This requires a sound strategy as well – do not simply put your book on Amazon without a plan…  Where do you want to drive traffic?  Do you want to keep all the profits? Is Amazon for convenience or your distribution?

Knowing the answers to the key questions and then implementing the marketing plan, using today’s modern tools, that matches your goals – this is how you market your book!

MPS can help you formulate, implement and maintain your marketing strategy, including the use of additional resources for advertising, media and promotion.