A Rendezvous with Destiny

A Rendezvous with Destiny - 3D - concept 2

Jim Janz is an icon in distribution technology and inspirational communications, having attained the highest performing ranks in his industry. An entrepreneur since the age of 22, Jim knows what it takes to persevere, plan and follow a system of success. Today, his business operates in seven countries and territories, and he’s been sharing his success principles from stages around the world, to well over a million participants.

Jim’s passion is to help people do more with their lives by discovering and fulfilling their destiny. In his new book A Rendezvous with Destiny, you will engage the wisdom, stories, success principles, tips and life-skills that will allow you to reach for your destiny!

Impact your team, organization, top-performers and attract talent by implementing the principles of long-time business leader, Jim Janz.

testimonial-icon“Your great goal in life is to determine your real destiny, the reason why you are on this earth in the first place. Jim Janz, one of the greatest success authorities alive, has created a wonderful, time-tested series of ideas and strategies, proven by thousands of people to work, and brought them together in one place. Now you can achieve more, faster and easier, than you ever thought possible.” – Brian Tracy, internationally acclaimed speaker and author

A note from the author:

“Motivated Publishing Studios has done a great job of putting the essential elements of this book together as in editing, layout, and advice. I very much endorse MPS as a publishing entity for those wanting to self-publish a book and still have the assistance, guidance, and professional help needed to bring a product like this to market. Many readers have already commented positively on the layout etc. The ease of communication and timing was very well executed.“ – Jim Janz