Diamond In The Rough

Mason Weaver

A diamond has become a diamond because it has gone through the pressures. It held together under those pressures. Some that could have been diamonds are lying broken in a pile of dust. Visualizing what could have been, even should have been. While the pressure is temporary, the shining, polished, solid rock of life is permanent. Once cut, mounted and has found it’s place, the Diamond in the Rough shows the power and beauty it has always held inside. Do not allow life or others to take away your brilliance. Discover how Diamond in the Rough! can unlock the potential, unlock that diamond you’ve always had in you! Although disguised as a lump of coal and even under the pressures of life, the end result if properly nourished can be your Diamond in the Rough!

Clarence Mason Weaver is a U.C. Berkeley Political Science graduate, founder of the Mason Media Company, and a sought-after lecturer and commentator. Mr. Weaver resides in California with his wife Brynda and two sons, Michael and Brian.