Emotional Management System

Dr. Fred Meek

Emotional Management System

Over the last thirty years, Dr. Fred Meek has continued to expand his experience in working with diverse groups of people who seek, although sometimes not voluntarily, to expand their self understanding and to grow experientially. As a direct result, Fred has also refined his own understanding of human psychological functioning and the mechanics of experiential change. This interactive educational process has contributed to the development of the Emotional Management System ( E.M.S.).

E.M.S. is a series of simple, effective exercises designed to facilitate experiential emotional awareness and develop emotional competency. The consistent implementation of these exercises by the individual will lead to more efficacious intra- as well as inter-personal functioning.

Inside the Emotional Management System you will learn how to deal with and overcome fears, crisis and other emotional roadblocks that could potentially be holding you back.

With sensitivity and compassion, Dr. Fred Meek provides a bridge between our emotions and our enlightenment. A refreshing and practical approach for experiencing the world within us, in order to be more effective in the world around us. This work goes right to the heart of “being” with many experiential exercises to focus our awareness and break free of our self-imposed limits. Through a series of practical exercises, Dr. Meek effectively helps people enhance their self-awareness in order to realize their hidden potential. A true must-have for people longing to conquer their fears and pursue their dreams.
Dr. Charles Nelson, C. Psych.