mPower Forward

Ryan Walter

Power Forwards are a highly saught commodity for their strength, skill, determination, and ability to make a difference. They come to play! Should it be any different in business or at home? mPower Forward is an insightful look into the leading strategies for winning teams.

Ryan Walter is a dynamic TV broadcaster, entrepreneur, professional speaker, workshop leader, author, actor and father of 5. He experienced first hand the success ingredients that make teams and leaders win during his 15-season NHL career. After being drafted number 2 in the world, Ryan’s NHL play as a Power Forward was highlighted by a Stanley Cup Victory with the Montreal Canadiens, and included an All-Star Game appearance, a bronze medal victory with Team Canada, 1000 plus NHL games, and the NHL Man of the Year Award.

“Off the Bench and Into the Game is a tremendous resource for anyone who wants to stand in the winner’s circle in the game of life.”

Don Liesemer President, Hockey Ministries International

“Ryan’s ability to separate the important from the trivial, and support it with clear, easy to understand life experiences is just marvellous.”  

Bob Gainey General Manager, Montreal Canadiens