The 1.2% Factor

Bob Davies

Finally the book has been written from which you can learn how to get the desired results from your performance. It has been proven scientifically and you can get it working for you – no matter what your field of endeavor is.

The 1.2% Factor is the science of how the small change of accountability can lead you to large results!

Bob Davies B.S. Health, Rutgers University, M.Ed. Psychology, Springfield College, M.C.C. Bob has coached Olympic gold medalists and has been an assistant football coach with California State University Fullerton – where his techniques helped the team to two conference championships. Bob’s coaching background led him on to study and form systems around strategic planning, time accountability, tracking, and peak performance. Today, Bob is a professional speaker, author, trainer and coach. He dedicates his efforts to teaching others how they can reach their true potential through his proven techniques.

I’ve watched Bob Davies make a one-hour presentation at a Symposium. As a scientist and science writer, I was absolutely astonished to see and hear Bob Davies explain profound scientific concepts and conclusions to a non-technical audience of a thousand men and women who did not even know that they were learning science! This man knows deep truths – but more importantly – helps people learn them!”
Jonathan Vos Post, Ph.D. CalTech 1977.
Co-Author with Nobel Laureate Richard