Process Mapping

Businesses survive, prosper and grow based upon their ability to provide value to their customers.  Your unique process, and fully understanding its value, is the intellectual property that you need to continually replicate, perfect and refine – to remain competitive and valuable!

Process Mapping is the engineering road-map of your unique process.  The purposes and benefits of engaging us for the development of your process map are:

  • protect your intellectual property (IP).
  • record your unique process in an easy-to-understand format.
  • highlight opportunities for process improvements and optimization.

The Process Map records all aspects of your business model – both what your customers see and what only happens behind the doors of your organization (front-facing process and back-facing process).  You will clearly see how your clients navigate through your unique process and where your process engages the value-added features of your operation.

Why Process Mapping?

Process Mapping

There are many advantages and benefits. Here is a sample of what our clients have realized:

  • process recorded for purposes of copyright or patent protection.
  • process duplication for franchising or licensing efforts.
  • easy training and duplication during business expansion process.
  • training new recruits effectively.
  • entrepreneurs shedding responsibilities to others.
  • performance and business auditing.
  • consistency in the execution of business.
  • provides materials for use with clients (credibility).

Whether you are simply looking to document your process, expanding operations or looking for the foundation for improvements (read:  improve profits), then connect with us today to see exactly how Process Mapping is a key starting point.

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